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Our Fred Blackie is  happy to discuss your wishes in relation to the following:-

Property Transactions:

Buying a Property/Selling a Property/Estate Agency

  • Transferring ownership of Property
  • Leases
  • We are members of Perth Solicitors’ Property Centre and can arrange Home Report or survey on your behalf when necessary.

Advance planning:

Make a Will – this is your opportunity to state your wishes in relation to your estate, to arrange guardians for your children and to state your funeral wishes

Grant a Powers of Attorney – appointing someone either to deal with your affairs in the short term or to make provision for who should have authority to make decisions in relation to your welfare and financial affairs in the event you become unable to do so for yourself


Executries - we can assist you with registering the death and organising the funeral of a loved one, as well as dealing with the formalities of administering their estate thereafter which can be both complicated and time-consuming

Guardianship – if you have a loved one who is unable to make decisions for themselves, for whatever reason, you should take legal steps to enable you to intervene in relation to decisions regarding their welfare, dealing with their financial affairs or any other intervention you may feel appropriate for the particular individual.

We offer private law solicitor services throughout Scotland. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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